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How to face the tiredness

During these days when I’ve been trying to improve my productivity by applying Kaizen on my daily life, I’ve had to face one new enemy with which I had never thought: the tiredness.

I realized that is hard to find the motivation and the strength to start an activity but it is even more difficult if you are tired.

The best solution to this is, obviously, take some rest. But, what if you couldn’t take it?

In those cases you must focus on the final image.

The final image is a picture of you in the future succeeding your goals. Imagine, for a moment, that you are accomplishing whatever you wanted when you started this journey of productivity. With that picture on your mind, it will be easier to find the strength and the desire to start your duty.

Remember: focus on your future and think in a picture of you succeeding.

The First obstacles in your way

When you start a productivity journey you must be concerned that only with a very strong commitment you will succeed.

But even with that commitment, during the first phase of that journey you will probably have to face with some obstacles that try to make you fail.

Those obstacles aren’t external but from your own mind.

Faced with a change, your mind will try to sabotage you with only one purpose: change nothing.

Therefore, when you are taking the first steps, at the very beginning, remember a simple thing: you have to fight against your mind desires; you have to face them and defeat them.

Only in that case, you will be free to accomplish your goal.

Applying Kaizen to my life

A few days ago I talked about Kaizen as a system to implement an improvement process in our ordinary life.

I want you to be partakers of the process of implementation.

Final goal is to gather information and experiences about the process and how difficult it could be.

So, from now on, I’m going to try to implement Kaizen in my life. Step by step. Only one step at time. And I’m telling you how is it working (or not) and whatever I think about it.

What is Kaizen?

If you go to Wikipedia you can know a little bit more about that productivity system but, for now, you only need to know that Kaizen is a Japanese term which means: kai = change and zen = good.

That’s the point. An improvement always needs a change. The problem is that in most of cases the goal needs a high cost change. The reason is simple: you always think in a drastic change. You want to be fit and you’ll probably think in running for 10km every day.

Kaizen says to us that you can achieve your goals or, at least, improve everything you want by introducing little changes day by day.

For example, I want to improve my English and, at the same time, I want to post every day. That’s the reason why I’m posting now, in English.

Then, after a week implementing a change, the change will become a standard and you won’t need to remember it every time.

Kaizen only says to you that a very long way starts with a single step.

Make the step by yourself and someday you will end the whole way.