If you go to Wikipedia you can know a little bit more about that productivity system but, for now, you only need to know that Kaizen is a Japanese term which means: kai = change and zen = good.

That’s the point. An improvement always needs a change. The problem is that in most of cases the goal needs a high cost change. The reason is simple: you always think in a drastic change. You want to be fit and you’ll probably think in running for 10km every day.

Kaizen says to us that you can achieve your goals or, at least, improve everything you want by introducing little changes day by day.

For example, I want to improve my English and, at the same time, I want to post every day. That’s the reason why I’m posting now, in English.

Then, after a week implementing a change, the change will become a standard and you won’t need to remember it every time.

Kaizen only says to you that a very long way starts with a single step.

Make the step by yourself and someday you will end the whole way.